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  Copeland LLC

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Schmidt & Copeland LLC


1201 Main Street, Suite 1100
Columbia, SC 29201


P.O. Box 11547  Columbia, SC 29211

    (803)748-1210 (fax)

Schmidt  &  Copeland  simply has the most experienced state and local government contracts and procurement attorneys in the country. We have handled more major government contracts matters in more states and municipalities than any other attorneys, anywhere.

As a result of our service and success in these engagements, clients have also entrusted us to handle a variety of complex litigation and other matters, from California to New York, from Texas to Michigan. And here in South Carolina. We have been successful in cases against some of the largest law firms and legal teams in the country. Often on their home turf.

Excellence and breadth of experience make the lawyers of Schmidt & Copeland the lawyers of choice for many of the
world's leading companies when they address diverse legal and business challenges.

We accept only matters in which we have
extensive experience. Our unique client-oriented approach ensures that all necessary expertise and resources are employed to achieve the best possible results for our clients. Schmidt & Copeland is a leader in its core practice areas. When we accept engagements, our clients receive personal attention exclusively from our partners with unsurpassed depth of experience and skill. Our client base is exceptional and diverse, a result of our capacity to meet specific client needs. We employ our resources and experience to obtain the best results for our clients. We offer our clients an intense and highly individualized focus on their matters. 

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